Good things take time.

(DECIEM Community Fund - Part 2.)

Black lives still matter. Last year, we told the world that nothing changes if nothing changes - and this year, we updated our message to share our progress, renaming our pledge ‘Something Changes if Something Changes’, because we learned that change is a process that takes time. As part of our pledge, we created the “Community Fund”—an opportunity for us to commit $120,000 to 12 organizations that impact the communities where we have a physical presence, and to build relationships to better impact the communities around us.

Although the noise is now a bit quieter, the fight against systemic racism and inequality is stronger than ever, and we’re committed to continuing to use our platform to power this good.

So, welcome to the DECIEM Community Fund - Part 2, aptly named ‘Good Things Take Time’: a renewed pledge to further strengthen our relationships with five of the organizations we discovered through the recommendations of our team members last year.

This time around, we’ve committed $125,000 via DECIEM’s Community Fund to these organizations that impact Black lives. Our partnership will include $25,000 of funds for each organization. We will also be using our social platforms and website to bring awareness to these grassroots organizations and celebrate their achievements, which we’re very excited to share with you. We’re also enhancing our physical presence, and finding unique ways to offer the best experience we can to support our partners and amplify their messages.

More to come - please stay tuned. ;-)