September 2017  |
Niod’s MMHC2 is my favourite because I love the brand and its whole philosophy, and I really believe it has made a difference to my skin. Also, the effects are instant. If my skin looks tired or dull it gives an immediate plumping and brightening effect, and it never makes me break out.
December  |  Vogue
August 2015  |  ES Magazine
If the front row has been looking a little more youthful than usual, it's not due to a let-up in the Paris schedule. Their secret? NIOD, a technologically advanced skincare range founded by Brandon Truaxe, whose Toronto- based HQ bears the legend The Abnormal Beauty Company because he refuses to pander to standard beauty-industry bullshit.
August 2015  |  Stylist
...a dewy filter over the cloudy finish of dull skin
August 2015  |  Grazia
Industry insiders are raving about the results achieved by using NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Complex
October 2015  |  Look
Get ready for your complexion to enter into baby-soft territory
Sep 2015  |  Harper's Bazaar
...the equivalent of an Instagram filter for your skin.
Oct 2015  |  Cosmopolitan
You want a new 'multi-molecular' formula that sinks to your skin's lower layers.
Jul 2015  |  Daily Mail
...forget about Instagram filters and Photoshop. All you need is this little pot of liquid gold to look really gorgeous
Jul 2015  |  Evening Standard Magazine
I am obsessed with NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum...I catch sight of my reflection and it resembles a pre-40, pre-weary me. All of a sudden there is a pleasingly plump uniformity about my complexion. A cushioned, healthful recovery that I am genuinely astounded by. I look happier. This is brave new skincare for a brave new world. Hallelujah. And glory be.
Aug 2015  |  Get the Gloss
No Airbrushing, No Smoke and Mirrors, Just a Really Amazing Sell-Out Primer.
Jul 2015  |  Heat
Aug 2015  |  Look Magazine
Niod's Photography one product all us selfie lovers need in our'll take your face to a whole new level of radiance.
Nov 2015  |  Marie Claire
...a tiny drop of this tingly formula, either alone or with your lip balm, increases your blood circulation to promote a healthier-looking pout.
Nov 2015  |  Red
NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum...promises better skin in two weeks.
Jul 2015  |  Telegraph
A few drops of NIODs Photography Fluid smooth’s and brightens skin so that it looks glowingly perfect in pictures and in the flesh. One customer reported that her home security camera doesn’t recognise her when she’s wearing it. I love it.